Basic guide for safe enjoyment of your model

* The sound of model engines can be annoying to uninterested people.
* Always consider a possible worst case scenario when choosing an area.

* Using an R/C car, helicopter or airplane on a public road can result in serious unexpected accidents.
* Be extremely careful of unexpected movement of children or infants. Do not allow children to get too close to an R/C model.

* Interference with radio signal is a possibility. A model cutting a powerline would result in a serious incident.

When you are flying a model aeroplane, you must think of safety at all times - both for yourself and others - as only you can control exactly where the model flies. Make sure that the area around the flying field is clear of people and property that could be damaged in the event of a crash for at least a kilometre (over half a mile). When you are learning to fly, do not fly in strong winds, as turbulent conditions will make your model harder to control. Always take off and land into the wind.

・Areas used by the public ・Houses or buildings ・Railway lines or roads
・Airports or flight paths ・High voltage power lines

Never operate on a band already being used!
* Check if other models are being used in the area. Confirm that you are using a different band to others in the same area.
* Before switching your transmitter ON, confirm that your band is not being used by asking others around you.
Minimize damage from any potential emergency!
* You may be liable to pay reparations or compensation for any accident caused by your model. R/C insurance can help alleviate this burden.
* Consult with your model shop, and take out an insurance policy.
* If you are registered as an “R/C pilot”, you already have liability insurance. There are also other benefits, so please enquire about insurance.