From cars; airplanes; helicopters, to boats and yachts, then from tanks and motorbikes to robots, almost all forms of moving machines have been recreated in some form as radio control (R/C) models. Using the same automotive, flight and nautical theories as the life-sized machines, R/C models are designed to be controlled in the same way. That explains the huge number of hobby enthusiasts the world over with a mature appreciation and understanding of the theories and technologies involved. This is also the definitive point between true working models and so-called radio controlled toys. As with their life-sized counterparts, R/C models are used for sport and competition. With regular local and international competitions including World Championship events, a suitable environment exists for those who love to compete!
STEP1 The first steps are easy. Relax and lets begin !
STEP2 Choose your driving or flying style: gas power engine (GP) or electric power motor (EP) !
STEP3 The freedom of proportional control
STEP4 Basic guide for safe enjoyment of your model
STEP5 Feel the thrill of speed in the heat of the race! Your nearest neighbourhood motorsport.
STEP6 Based on same flight principles as real airplanes. Acrobatic stunt performance.
STEP7 Helicopters: The dream machines of flight Able to perform stunts beyond real helicopters.
STEP8 Work with nature and try to pick wind shifts. Real sail trimming control like true yachts !
STEP9 Watersports at it’s thrilling best. Race against your friends for maximum excitement !