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Kyosho products come in various forms and configurations, but mainly in “kits” for you to assemble and complete. However, a common characteristic throughout the Kyosho product range from beginner models to expert-level models, is that no special technologies or tools are required. Even models used by pros at the highest level for international competition are true to this principle.

In addition to the kit, a radio control system is required and is normally purchased separately. Choose the right radio control system from a specialized manufacturer for your model category and budget. Depending on the type of kit, you may also need to purchase: an engine and starting equipment; fuel; paint; motor and batteries etc. Each product shown in this catalogue, lists the items needed to be purchased separately to operate the model.

Factory-Assembly Highly Recommended.Kyosho produces a wide variety of factory-assembled models for the many people who prefer to enjoy running or flying their model rather than building. Products range from semi-assembled and almost fully-assembled through to completely assembled and finished models including radio control system, fuel and batteries so you can run or fly the model just about straight away. For total peace of mind, these are perfect for novice modellers.
Almost all tools required to install and assemble beginner models including optional parts are generally found in the house such as: philipshead screwdriver; cutter; awl, pliers and quick drying glue. However, some special tools may make assembly or adjustment easier and faster. Gradually acquiring and using special tools will give a deeper appreciation and satisfaction from your model. An exciting line-up of upgrades and optional parts for each model is also available for you to challenge new performance levels. Increased power and performance extends the depth and time of your satisfaction. This is the special enjoyment of R/C models.