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Instruction manual

iReceiver WR-010
iReceiver Camera Unit WC-010

For Stable Control

iReceiver uses the radio waves from wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).
As a characteristic of this mode of communication, if the radio signal received by the model becomes weak, communication can be interrupted resulting in a delayed control response (lag).

The range for video transmission from the camera is about 35m.The range for control response is up to 100m,
(This range may be reduced if there are other wireless networks or devices being used in the same area).

Note the following points to enjoy stability of control.
  1. Set your control device (smartphone or tablet etc.) to flight mode and Wi-Fi only turned ON.
  2. Close all open applications operating in the background.
  3. When using the camera, if video transmission is interrupted, tap the camera button to stop the camera function. If video signal is lost, do not allow the model to move (or fly) any further away as control may be lost. With the camera stopped, the control range is up to 100m.
  4. When the model reaches a distance where control has a delay (lag), stop operating the model and move to a closer range where there is no delay.
  5. Radio signal becomes weak through walls etc. so please use caution when controlling the model when it is out of sight.
  6. The iReceiver is not recommended for high-speed or large size models and aircraft. If installing on these types of models, make sure to check control response carefully and use at your own risk.
  7. After use, switch the iReceiver power off and close the application. Quit the application so it is not running in the background.


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