Q.What is the range of the radio signal?

A.A stable signal range is approximately 50 meters.
Flying the airplane outside this range may result in loss of control.

Q.Can I fly it in the local park?

A.It depends on the conditions but basically you should avoid flying the model anywhere around people.

Q.What is the best way to practice flying?

A.Practice flying slowly at first.

Q.How long will it take to be able to fly freely?

A.After about 1 hour of practice you should have a good level of control.

Q.What flying patterns can the Minium perform?

A.You can fly ovals, figure of 8's, loops etc.
Also, you can perform touch-and-go if you have a flat surface.

Q.How much would it cost to repair the main wing if it got damaged for example?

A.The main wing set costs 2,100 Yen and the decals are 1,575 Yen.

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