Q.Can it be flown inside a house? What about outdoors?

A.It can be flown both inside and outside but you need about 10m2 of space. You also need to be aware of any breeze from fans and air conditioners.
If flying outdoors, the range of control is 50 meters.
As control is affected by wind, you should only fly in a light breeze.

Q.What do I need to prepare before flying this model?

A.All you need is 8 alkaline batteries: 4 for the transmitter and 4 for the battery charger. * Oxyride batteries cannot be used.

Q.How do you control it?

A.The airplane is controlled with two control sticks on the transmitter.
Move the right stick up and down to control the throttle. Move it side to side to control the rudder. Move the left stick up and down to control the elevator.

Q.What is the maximum speed?

A.It can fly up to about 30km/h. * Normal flight is between 10 – 30 km/h.

Q.How long will it keep flying?

A.A fully charged battery delivers about 15 minutes of continuous slow flight. Faster flight speed will reduce the flight time to about 5 minutes.

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