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The combination of slow flight and small size has never been realized in an R/C airplane like this!

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Tsuyoshi Hamazaki
Born 23rd March, 1969 Adachi-ku Tokyo
Blood Type A

■An R/C plane to fly whenever and wherever

Web Editor (referred to as Web) :
It's small enough to be a desktop display, but its unusual for an R/C airplane to be this size isn't it?

Probably the first in R/C history I think. However we didn’t just try to may a small airplane. We dreamt about designing an airplane that could easily be flown indoors. But even if the airplane was small, it still needed to be able to fly slowly. With this aim, we had to develop completely new R/C systems and new materials and the result was the Minium airplane series.
Can you explain what you wanted to achieve in more detail?

For an airplane to fly slowly indoors, it must be incredibly light. At the same time, you can’t ignore how much it would cost to make. We also have to keep in step with Kyosho’s philosophy about making technically advanced products fun for everybody. With this in mind, we thought a small plane that would fly slowly would have to weigh about 10g.

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