Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

If you need the DoC for the following Radio, please download the file here.
2RSA Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File57.0KB
BLIZZARD Series with KT-431SPDF File219KB
DBX GP Series with KT-231PPDF File39.7KB
DBX VE Series with KT-231PPDF File19.6KB
DIRTHOG Series with KT-231PPDF File19.9KB
DRONE RACER Series with KT-231P+ SeriesPDF File20.2KB
EP FAZER Series with KT-231P SeriesPDF File19.8KB
EP FAZER VEi Series with KT-231PPDF File20.0KB
EP FAZER Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File53.2KB
EP Starter Pack Series with KT-231P/KT-231P+PDF File19.7KB
EZ Series with KT-232PPDF File30.1KB
INFERNO MP9 EP Series with KT-331P/KR-331PDF File44.1KB
INFERNO MP9 GP Series with KT-331P/KR-331PDF File44.2KB
FW-06 Series with KT-231PPDF File20.0KB
FW-06 Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File38.2KB
INFERNO GT2 Series with KT-331P/KR-331PDF File56.9KB
INFERNO GT2 VE Series with KT-331P/KR-331PDF File56.9KB
INFERNO NEO Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File36.4KB
INFERNO NEO Series with KT-331PPDF File23.1KB
INFERNO VE Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File56.7KB
EP Boat Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File57.3KB
EP Racing Boat Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File57.4KB
Syncro KT-432PT SeriesPDF File15.1KB
MAD Force GP Series with KT-231P/KT-231P+PDF File19.9KB
MAD Force VE Series with KT-231P/KT-231P+PDF File19.8KB
KB10 Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File19.8KB
MINI-Z 4x4 Series with KT-531PPDF File42.4KB
MINI-Z AWD RA-30(MA-020VE series)PDF File15.3KB
MINI-Z AWD MA-020VE PRO SeriesPDF File15.4KB
MINI-Z AWD MA-030EVO SeriesPDF File40.9KB
MINI-Z AWD Series with KT-531PPDF File44.6KB
MINI-Z AWD Sports SeriesPDF File22.4KB
MINI-Z Buggy Series with KT-531PPDF File41.4KB
MINI-Z Buggy Sports SeriesPDF File15.3KB
MINI-Z EVO Receiver RA-40PDF File21.6KB
MINI-Z EVO Receiver RA-42PDF File40.6KB
MINI-Z FWD Series with KT-531PPDF File15.6KB
MINI-Z Monstor with KT-18 SeriesPDF File15.3KB
MINI-Z Racer MR-03EVO SeriesPDF File41.6KB
MINI-Z Racer MR-03VE PRO SeriesPDF File15.4KB
MINI-Z Racer MR-03 with KT-18 SeriesPDF File15.2KB
MINI-Z Racer Sports2 MR-03 SeriesPDF File16.6KB
MINI-Z RWD Series with KT-531PPDF File45.3KB
Perfex KT-1(T2DR) PDF File66.7KB
Perfex KT-2PDF File66.5KB
Perfex KT-3PDF File66.4KB
Perfex KT-5PDF File64.1KB
Perfex KT-6(T2PGK)PDF File64.2KB
Perfex KT-7PDF File64.1KB
Perfex KT-8PDF File64.2KB
Perfex KT-9PDF File63.7KB
Perfex KT-17PDF File837KB
Perfex Palm-Runner and SunseekerPDF File64.8KB
PSYCHO KRUISER with KT-331P/KT-231P+PDF File19.7KB
Radio Control RA-42PDF File292KB
RC SURFER Series with KT-231P+/KR-331PDF File19.8KB
SandMaster Series with KT-231P(AXXE)PDF File19.7KB
RC Yacht series with KT431S/KR-331PDF File19.9KB
Syncro EX-6/RPDF File14.9KB
SYNCRO KT-431S SeriesPDF File37.4KB
SYNCRO KT-631ST SeriesPDF File19.8KB
ULTIMA Series with KT-331PPDF File19.5KB
ULTIMA RB6.6 Series with KT-231P SeriesPDF File19.6KB
USB Twin Charger 0.2-1.0APDF File11.3KB