Look, hold, and fall in love

Looking at precisely recreated diecast models. Experience the thrill of controlling a real R/C MINI-Z racing model on the race circuit. Quench your thirst after some hot racing at the bar. Fun times are easy to have at the KYOSHO OMOTESANDO.
Since KYOSHO's foundation more than 40 years ago, we have imagined a relaxed place where people could discover the fascination of R/C cars. Finally on the 11th of February 2006 this dream became a reality with the opening of KYOSHO OMOTESANDO. Operated directly by KYOSHO, a huge range of MINI-Z and diecast models are available. With the best combination of a shop, and a racing circuit fuelled by a drinks bar, this is the ideal set up for adults to have a great time out. There is always something exciting on offer from the innovator of R/C, so discover your space at the KYOSHO OMOTESANDO.


SHOPPING   The focus on KYOSHO MINI-Z series makes an ideal introduction for newcomers to R/C cars, and the direct management of the shop by KYSOHO ensures a complete range of the best diecast models available. Our knowledgeable staff are ready and waiting to assist you in any way they can.

The world's first high-performance palmtop sized R/C car arrived in the form of the MINI-Z Series. Now with 5-series in the line-up featuring cars from around the world, racing cars, monster trucks etc. more than 200 MINI-Z models have been released!

From legendary sports cars to street trucks, the 'Kyosho Original' range offers more than 450 models. The famous and unique cars of the Japanese motor industry are represented in KYOSHO's 'J-Collection' with a focus on 1 : 43 scale. Add to this the new 1 : 43 scale FERRARI Series!


CIRCUIT   Special MINI-Z circuit features banked turns. Use one of the rental cars or bring your own to this full-service race circuit that caters to both first-time drivers and hard-core R/C fans.

・Specially designed racing circuit for the high-performance palmtop sized MINI-Z.
・Experience the excitement by racing a rental MINI-Z or bring your own!
・Circuit lighting changes every 15-minutes to simulate morning - midday - evening - nightime driving conditions.
・Up to 4 cars can race at the same time.


BAR   When you work up a thirst in the heat of racing, head straight for the Italian-style bar. From soft drinks to alcoholic beverages, this is the ideal place for adults to enjoy life.

■Race Circuit Party / Functions
Reserve the race circuit and bar counter area to hold your exclusive autoracing party at KYOSHO OMOTESANDO. A set menu for either just drinks or together with light meals is available for you and your group to enjoy the Omotesando nightlife.