{Present day Kyosho through the eyes of a hobby-loving father and son.} Part 2
The full power of all categories was on display at the Kyosho booth.
Hot model products suitable for Kyosho's 50 year anniversary were discovered! / The 52nd Shizuoka Hobby Show / Venue : Twin Messe Shizuoka on 16th-19th May 2013
Chapter 1 Surprised by the pink “86” (Toyota 86)! Checked out the JKB RC Club girls too!!
Chapter 5 Miniature car selection from around the world!
Chapter 2 Plazma Lm has a realistic finish and sharp performance!
Chapter 6 Kyosho Egg hatches plenty of unique and interesting items!
Chapter 3 New sensation! Comic Racer brings a smile to everyone's face!!
Chapter 7 Carreras joins Dslot43. The slot car world just keeps getting bigger!
Chapter 4 Micro size barless helicopter! 60-class split fuselage design is a must-see!