Argentinian Champ 2007

Kyosho Evolva takes 1st and 2nd at the Argentina Championships 2007!!

■ Argentina


 Just recently at the Argentina Championships, Kyosho drivers Sebastian Rico and Guillermo San Martino finished 1st and 2nd with the Evolva!
5th was also taken by Kyosho driver Alejandro Calens which resulted in 3 Kyosho cars in the A main.
The same track will be used with the 1/8th GP touring Worlds.
With this result we are confident to do very well at the worlds.

1 Sebastian Recio / Kyosho-Nova Rossi
2 Guillermo San Martino / Kyosho-Picco
3 Fernando Pelatia / Mugen-Nova Rossi
4 Juan Golovik / Mugen-Nova Rossi
5 Alejandro Calens / Kyosho-Nova Rossi
6 Cutini Mugen / Nova-Rossi
7 Baudino / Mugen-JP
8 Gabriel Lacana / Slide-JP
9 Adrian Castro / Mugen-Nova Rossi
10 Franco Damico / Mugen-Nova Rossi