1/10 PureTen GP 4WD V-ONE SIII

V-ONE SIII Evo. apr MR-S

Kit with New Touch Starter

No.31343T   Kit

□Available : 30 Jan 2008

Proven chassis shows even more durability and maintenance features.
New design Touch Starter provides stress-free engine starting! Great for racing in the KYOSHO CUP!

Belt driven 4WD delivers on driver-friendly control and dynamic speed that supports beginners to experts, from your first race all the way to racing glory. The breathtaking racing performance of the V-ONE SIII has evolved to an even higher level with the Evo. The low and wide design results in a lower center of gravity that combines with the same suspension system used on the World Champion V-ONE RRR and a 2-speed transmission. And the awesome power of the GXR15 engine roars to life with a simple push on the battery unit of the compact Touch Starter that also features an LED that indicates the condition of the glow plug. This machine is full of special design features that make it worthy of the ‘Evo’ name and extend its racing performance to a new level. As the officially sanctioned machine for the new 2008 KYOSHO CUP rules, the Evo is also lower in cost so you can enjoy the best racing experience without high levels of stress and cost!

Focus on a lower center of gravity encompasses all aspects of design, including the radio plate. The result is astonishing maneuverability.


Chassis layout and design deliver easy maintenance features such as fast spur gear replacement.


Material design matches flexibility with rigidity to maximize suspension performance.

Neutral steering characteristics are achieved through greater lateral control balance and more setting options.


Dial-adjustable oil shocks enable easy and precise setting of chassis height.


Reinforced radio box hatch results in greater durability and easier maintenance.

Setting angle of the throttle linkage lever produces a linear control response to throttle trigger input.



< Evo. Special Features >
  • New chassis design provides for much easier maintenance, such as easy spur gear replacement.
  • Long swing shafts on front prevent shafts dropping out for greater reliability.
  • Hardened material in the main shaft reduces risk of gear failure.
  • Modified angle of the throttle linkage lever realizes a linear control feel.
  • Reinforced radio box hatch results in greater durability and easier maintenance.
  • Servo horn with thicker serration for increased strength.
  • Easy chassis height setting with dial-adjustable oil shocks.
  • Newly designed lightweight compact Touch Starter unit features an LED to indicate glow plug condition.
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< Simply touch to start! >
●Lightweight compact design for easy starting. Chassis mounted starter unit is more space efficient and lighter than previous model.
●To start the engine, simply connect the battery unit to the contact point on the chassis.
●When the battery unit is connected, the cell motor automatically cranks the engine and the glow plug is heated.
●An LED on the chassis mounted unit indicates the condition of the glow plug. Safe and reliable engine starting.

*The compact nature of the midship chassis allowed the Toyota MR-S of Team apr to finish in the top places throughout the season. This machine won many fans with an outstanding 2007 series drivers championship trophy.

< Required for operation >

  • 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system for cars
  • Specified batteries for R/C system
  • Fuel

< Included >

  • Touch Starter unit with built-in plug heater
  • 7.2V Ni-Cd battery for Touch Starter
  • AC battery charger for Touch Starter battery
Chassis Technical Data
Ground Clearance
Tread (F/R)
Φ 64×24mm
Gear Ratio
8.13 / 5.6:1
1,925g (approx.)

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