INFERNO MP9 TKI 2(Team Kyosho International 2)

No.31785   Kit

□Available : 22 Jul 2010

TKI competes even harder on the world stage with upgraded battle power!
Innovative design delivers a race-winning edge! But realized at a lower price!

In the two years since it made its mark at the 2008 World Championship, the prototype MP9 Kyosho International has forged the cutting edge of performance technology with the latest version ‘2’. Tested and proven at numerous international racing events, design upgrades have evolved multiple areas of the chassis platform to a new level. However perhaps the greatest innovation has been the dramatic reduction in cost, despite the significant upgrades and performance improvements. The chassis design focus is on efficient traction and is realized through short suspension arms and unique rear hubs that produce effective traction with light suspension stroke. Shock absorber design has changed from spacer setting adjustment to dial adjustment and incorporates the previously optional shock pistons with tapered holes that produce optimal piston speed and damping power over long running times. Other features include a new low-height body design with less front-end resistance that generates aerodynamics for a competitive edge and stable posture through the air. With the power of the most advanced racing performance firmly in your grasp, the innovative design of the new TKI 2 puts racing glory within reach.

Upgraded Team Kyosho International version chassis.


New design of the aluminum rear hubs effectively realizes shorter suspension arms to deliver reactive leg movement for traction efficiency.


Dial adjustable big bore shocks allow precision adjustment of front-rear and left-right suspension. Equipped with S size on front and M size on rear.

New design of the dish wheels is lightweight with optimal rigidity and supports sure traction and effective tire grip.


Shock pistons with taper holes deliver optimal oil flow resistance and piston speed for superior damping effectiveness.


Longer king pin and longer flanged collar improves reliability and prevents knuckle coming loose in the event of hard contact or a crash.

Machined aluminum wing stay posts and radio plate posts deliver improved reliability through increased strength and rigidity.


Machined aluminum rear suspension holder delivers increased durability, even under the stress of big jumps. White suspension bushings provide high visibility.


  • Upgraded Team Kyosho International version chassis.
  • Shaft drive 3-differential full-time 4WD chassis.
  • Race settings can be fine tuned with adjustments to wheelbase, tread, roll center, caster angle, toe angle and camber.
  • Features 7075S-grade hard main chassis and hardened shock stays.
  • Features high heat dissipation brake disk and center diff case with increased capacity.
  • Mudguards on the rear suspension arms prevent dirt entering the drive shafts and wheels.
  • Resin front/rear toque rods provide flexible running performance.
  • Roll center can be adjusted with spacers on lower rear suspension arm.
  • Maintenance-friendly design.
  • Smaller front/rear diff unit, thinner cup joints and resin parts realize a lighter weight.
  • Fuel tank with finger-hook cap delivers stable fuel supply.
  • Stylish hex bolts hold firm throughout the chassis.
  • Includes 3 servo horn types for various R/C systems (for SANWA / KO / JR / FUTABA / HiTEC)
  • New low-height body design generates effective down force and realizes stable posture through the air as well as increasing maximum speed. Newly introduced oval-shaped air cleaner matches body design.

< Kit Contents >

  • Kit set
  • Special clear body
  • Special wheels
  • Logo Decals

< Required for operation >

  • 2-channel, 2-servo R/C System for cars
  • 21-class engine
  • Muffler and manifold
  • Tires & inner foam
  • Fuel
  • Engine starting tools
  • Starter box
  • Batteries for R/C system
Chassis Technical Data
Ground Clearance
325mm (4 settings with rear hub collar position changes)
Tread (F/R)
254mm (2 front settings, 3 rear settings with bush changes)
sold separately
Gear Ratio
3,300g (approx.)
21-class engine (sold separately)

□Last updated:01 Jun 2010