1/8 Brushless Motor Powered 4WD MONSTER TRUCK


No.30885   Readyset

□Available : 1 Oct 2010

Breathtaking power locked and loaded in a Readyset package!
ORION brushless power turbo-charges the performance of this monster truck!

Drivers and spectators alike will be blown away by the explosive acceleration as soon as the throttle trigger is pulled on this intimidating monster truck. Good control of the front end will be needed to prevent back flips from a standing start. Needless to say, wheelies are a breeze! You will also believe a truck can fly if you have a jump ramp nearby. The energy source for this extraordinary power and performance comes from the Team Orion VORTEX brushless motor and ESC that combine to deliver simply breathtaking power output. With a heavy-duty chassis and drive train to back it up, the MAD FORCE Kruiser VE demonstrates superior durability. Also, the Readyset features a pre-assembled chassis so just arrange your own batteries for the chassis and transmitter and a battery charger and you’re ready to crunch in true monster truck power and style.

VORTEX 2000Kv brushless motor delivers powerful drive from low to high RPM. Also equipped with slipper clutch.


Rigid axles feature machine cut steel spiral bevel gears that deliver spectacular drive power.


Long wheelbase and lowered suspension produces superior straight line and high speed cornering stability.

High rigidity and maneuverability is achieved while retaining plenty of suspension stroke, even with suspension arm angle at 1G.


3.5mm shafts and large capacity big bore oil shocks provide excellent damping power over long periods, even in severe running conditions.


Features the popular hot-rod body design of the GP version. The body is pre-cut and painted with decals applied.

Specified for 14.4V or 14.8V power from twin NiMH or LiPo batteries. Parallel battery layout realizes ideal balance for control stability.


Mounted pre-set ESC means you can start driving almost straight away. Features full braking function that activates if radio signal is lost.


Differential features hardened steel bevel and diff gears.

  • Shaft and chain 4WD mechanism realizes highly efficient transfer of power to traction.
  • Includes formidable black anodized side plate chassis.
  • Housing structure of the solid front and rear rigid axles provides effective traction transfer.
  • Finished body is pre-cut and painted with decals applied.
  • Full ball bearing specifications use 20 bearings through the drive train.
  • Radio box effectively protects R/C system from dust and dirt.
  • Features large size unidirectional pneumatic rubber tires.
  • Front - rear interchangeable suspension arms provide efficient maintenance and parts utilization.
  • Long run times of up to 15 minutes are achievable. (with 4000mAh Lipo battery).

< ReadySet Contents >

  • *Pre-assembled chassis
  • Pre-colored body
  • Installed with Team Orion VORTEX 2000Kv brushless motor
  • Installed with ESC for Team Orion VORTEX brushless motor
  • Cross wrench

< Required for Operation >

  • AA-sized alkaline batteries x 8 for transmitter
  • Batteries for chassis (recommended / Team Orion Sports Power Lipo series)
  • Battery charger
Chassis Technical Data
Ground Clearance
Tread (F/R)
Φ 160 x 100mm
Team Orion VORTEX 2000Kv Brushless
7.2V NiMH x 2 (recommended: Sports Power 4500/ with super plug), or 7.4V Lipo x 2 (recommended: Sports Power Lipo 4000)
Battery Note
Must have Super (Deans) plug.The default setting of the ESC is set for Li-Po battery mode. When using with NiMh battery packs, the setting will need to be changed to NiMh mode using the digital setup box(ORI65026 / Sold separately).

□Last updated:01 Jun 2010