No.30024   Kit

□Available : 24 Apr 2010

Kyosho's high-end machine represents the leading edge in the brushless motor racing!
New 1/10 EP machine built to compete at the highest level!

From club racing to the highest level of international competition, the ‘TF6’ delivers its advanced electric touring car performance on any stage. The chassis is designed to work in perfect combination with the latest brushless motor and Lipo battery technology to maintain high power output over long run times. For example, the structure of the drive train optimizes weight distribution and incorporates specially formulated material composition and design to deliver a new level of performance. In order to extend the TF-5 Stallion’s record of success with drivers around the world, nearly 90% of components have been redesigned. For example, the belt layout can be converted to a left/right symmetrical structure and precision adjustment of weight distribution can be achieved by varying the size and weight of the battery. In addition, the motor mount’s wide setting scope allows a wide range of pinion gear sizes to be used so an appropriate gear ratio can be selected for the latest high-power motors. Also a complementary balance is reached between rigid and flexible sections of the chassis to make maximum use of available power. Incorporating expert feedback from world-class drivers, the new TF-6 represents the latest design innovations and delivers performance to compete at the highest level anywhere in the world.

The front/rear drive belt and diff unit can be converted to a left/right symmetrical layout for precision adjustment of servo position. Ideal weight distribution to suit individual drivers can be set with different battery sizes and weights.


6 balls are used in the newly designed high efficiency “BCS (Ball Connect System)” that links with the differential. Delivers smooth, trouble-free function with less torque change than a pin-type.


Thorough testing has resulted in the ideal shape and thickness of the front/rear bulkheads that combines with strength from the one-piece upper deck to create optimal rigidity along the length of the chassis. Also converts energy from high power motors into running performance with greater efficiency.

Kyosho's innovative resin bushing insert suspension holder has been adopted in the TF6. The combination of various offset bushings and bushing direction provides precision adjustment of tread and toe-in setting.


Oil volume is increased with the newly designed long-type oil shocks. Velvet coat processing produces ultra-smooth movement and optimal damping characteristics for superior surface tracing performance.


Lightweight and strong spool diff on front is protected by an aluminum case. The rear is equipped the velvet coated aluminum ball differential for high durability and smooth movement.

  • 2-belt drive 4WD chassis promises the ultimate in electric touring car performance.
  • Optimal weight distribution is realized with the left/right and front/rear R/C system layout that is compatible with sub-C size Ni-MH cells and the latest large capacity Lipo batteries.
  • Large capacity Lipo batteries can be installed. Follow the special Lipo guide included for secure mounting of the Lipo battery.
  • Symmetrical arrangement of screws on both sides of the chassis delivers roll characteristics for stable cornering.
  • Equipped with front and rear stabilizers as standard.
  • Features double wiper type steering linkage.
  • Full ball bearing specifications.
  • Structure allows easy ball diff adjustment without removing parts.
  • TF6's red color theme and striking style include red anodized aluminum parts.

< Required for operation >

  • 2-3 channel, 1-servo R/C System
  • 540 size motor
  • ESC
  • Body
  • Tires
  • Tire inners
  • Wheels
  • Batteries for chassis
  • Battery charger
  • Batteries for transmitter
Chassis Technical Data
Tread (F/R)
162mm /161mm
sold separately
Gear Ratio
1.83 : 1 (secondary reduction ratio)
1,350g approx.
540 size (sold separately)

□Last updated:27 Dec 2010