1/8 INFERNO Series

Brushless Conversion Kit

No.IFW451   Kit

□Available : 29 Oct 2009

Transform your 1/8 Inferno into a high performance electric racer !
Bolt on kit enables installation of a brushless motor !

The dynamic performance of brushless motor technology transforms the dominant 1/8 off-road buggy into the electric powered Inferno VE. Convert your GP Inferno into an EP buggy to experience a completely new style of performance with the simplicity of a charged up battery and with no oil mess to clean up, post-race maintenance is finished in a flash. With performance that rivals and even exceeds GP machines, the new age of high performance electric racers has arrived!

Includes the complete set of parts needed to load a brushless motor with either a Lipo or NiMH battery pack.


Features aluminum motor mount with efficient heat dissipation that also allows gear backlash to be adjusted by turning two screws from the top. No disassembly of other parts required.


  • Conversion kit can transform any Inferno after the Inferno MP7.5 into an electric version.
  • Motor mount corresponds to both 25/25.4mm pitch.
  • Hex screws provide secure and rigid assembly.
  • Can be used with either 7.2V NiMH or 7.4 - 11.1V Lipo battery packs.
< Chassis Compatibility >
Inferno Sports Series (US Sports / MP7.5)
Inferno MP777 Series
Inferno MP9 Series
Inferno GT Series *Note: additional center differential parts are required.
Inferno GT2 Series *Note: additional center differential parts are required.
Inferno ST Series (ST / ST-R / ST-RR / ST US Sports)

< Body Compatibility >
For the Inferno MP9, MP7.5 and MP777, please purchase body suitable for use with this electric conversion.
For the GT and ST, the existing body can be used.

< Conversion Kit Contents >

  • Battery Tray
  • Radio Box
  • Machine cut aluminum motor mount
  • Pinion gear 12T (additional center differential parts are required for the GT series)
  • Protective switch cover (may not be usable depending on shape of ESC power switch)
  • Instruction Manual

< Required for Operation >

  • 550 - 670 size (max. 39mm) brushless motor (pitch: 25mm or 25.4mm)
  • 7.2V NiMH or 7.4V - 11.1V Lipo battery pack
  • ESC (maximum size: L50 x W60 x H40mm)
  • Battery charger
  • High current plug (connectors) Deans recommended
  • Recommended / Motor: ORI28807, Battery : No,ORI14115, Charger: No.ORI30126

□Last updated:12 Sep 2009