1/10 R/C Electric Powered 2WD Racing Buggy


No.30074SP   Kit

□Available : 22 May 2009

World-class 2WD racing buggy upgraded!
Modifications to key areas supercharge performance!

The thoroughbred of 2WD racing buggies trusted by drivers around the world, the ULTIMA RB5, has evolved to a new level of performance. Parts developed and proven at the World Championships have been strategically adopted into the ULTIMA RB5 SP such as the mid-sized rear suspension arms and short shock stays. In addition, the same Type-B rear hubs as used in the LAZER ZX-5FS and newly designed wheels deliver increased grip and traction. General strength and efficiency improvements throughout give the RB5 SP an edge in racing performance without compromising the original RB5's low C of G and maneuverability. The RB5 SP also incorporates the RB5's renowned setting and maintenance design features that allow differential adjustment simply by inserting a wrench and turning the wheel and adjustment of the Ackerman steering setting with spacers in the steering crank. Re-engineered for success, the RB5 SP has the race-winning potential to put the winner's trophy in your grasp!

Maintaining the same width, the RB5 SP incorporates the mid-size rear suspension arms and short rear shock stay used by the Kyosho works team at the World Championships.


Uses the same ultra-reliable hardened turnbuckles as the LAZER ZX-5 FS on front and rear upper arms and tie rods.


Hardened ball ends on the upper suspension arms and velvet coated large capacity oil shocks minimize friction loss.

Simple wheel structure incorporates bearings into the hubs allowing faster and more efficient wheel changes during races.


Increased maneuverability results from greater mass concentration through the positioning of the center shaft, which allows the transmission to be closer to the motor and axle.


Newly developed unique body shape delivers effective downforce across the entire speed range. Includes special masking decals.

  • Front bulk head allows free scope for setting adjustments.
  • Double slipper clutch with the RB5's special clutch shoe realizes high efficiency traction control.
  • Teflon shielded bearings used throughout in full bearing specifications (14 ball bearings incl.).
  • Molded gear cover provides a dirt-proof seal and realizes high durability and noise reduction.
  • Battery tray allows battery position to be adjusted forward or backward.
  • You can count on the proven reliability of the RB5's ball differential and universal swing shafts.
< Changes to RB5 in the RB5 SP >
●Mid-size rear suspension arms
●Short rear shock stay
●Hardened Turnbuckles Upper Arms (F / R)
●Hardened Turnbuckles Tie Rods
●Large capacity oil shocks with velvet coated cases and chassis height adjustment
●Upper arms with hardened ball ends (F / R)
●High-grip rear wheels
●Rear Hub Type-B
●New design sword body

< Required for Operation >

  • 2-channel, 1-servo 1-amp R/C system
  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Tire inners
  • Battery charger
  • Pinion Gear
Chassis Technical Data
Tread (F/R)
221mm / 201mm
sold separately
Gear Ratio
sold separately (12T motor recommended)

□Last updated:12 Feb 2009