1/43 dNaNo AutoScale dNaNo FX-101

Ferrari 360 Modena


No.DNX403R   Body Set

□Available : 18 Apr 2008

Equipped and installed with special display parts that result in a high-grade display model.
Ultra realistic scale form can also be used on a running chassis.

In addition to the detailed graphics and coloring, specific wheels and tires for each model result in a diecast model like finish proudly presented on a special display chassis. The 1/43 scale size is soon lost in the immaculate detail, which can be attached to your moving chassis with the use of a fitting parts set (sold separately) so you can also enjoy the excitement of racing your favorite car model.

  • Clear cover package and display stage make the model ready for immediate display.
  • Fully factory finished. Equipped with special display parts for an ultra realistic finish.
  • Fitting Parts Set (sold separately) enables the body to be mounted onto a moving chassis (sold separately) with realistic dimensions according to the body type.
What is the Ferrari 360 Modena story?
Charging stallion wins the battle for aerodynamics and style.
The 1999 Geneva Motor Show was stunned by the pure elegance of the Ferrari 360 Modena body, which succeeded in making the existing trend for sharp-edged wedge shape body forms into a statement of style and sophistication. The Pininfarina designed Modena revived the aesthetic appreciation of Ferrari as automobile art, especially amongst Ferrari fans. The low and wide form sits at a height of only 1,215mm and was put through a total of 5,400 hours of wind tunnel testing to find the optimal balance between style and aerodynamics. A 3.6 liter 90 degree V8 engine produces more than 400hp in a true road going racer.

< Set Contents >

  • Pre-painted plastic body finished with markings (with display-only chassis)
  • Tires / Wheels for display
  • Display Stage and Clear Box

Ferrari 360 Modena Technical Data
Tires (F/R)


Attaching the body to a moving chassis requires a Fitting Parts Set that corresponds to your car body type.

□Last updated:28 Feb 2008