EP Twin Storm 800 Readyset

No.40031CN   Readyset

□Available : 10 Aug 2007

Awesome twin power unit, with two 7.2V and two water-cooled 550-class motors!
Pure racing performance, in a simple and easy to use Readyset package!

Two 7.2V batteries connect to produce a high-voltage 14.4V to power twin water-cooled 550-class motors that drive through a gear-reduction unit to a huge propeller for massive torque! You can feel the hull literally carve up the water’s surface. Go from zero to full speed in a matter of seconds as the inherent stability of the deep-V hull slices through chop with ease. In addition, Kyosho’s unique inboard/outdrive unit makes deep banking turns at full speed possible as well as a tight turning radius. A special motor control amp with water-cooled heat sink maximizes heat dissipation and promises stable high power over an extended period. Plus it comes completely factory-assembled and finished with decals and R/C system installed. And in response to requests from expert-level racers, this Readyset package comes without batteries. Enjoy user-friendly boating with the excitement of breathtaking speed and performance.

High-power KA-6 speed control amp with water-cooled heat sink harnesses the power of the twin motors.


Features Kyosho’s original inboard/outdrive unit. Direct control of the thrust axis delivers stable high-speed turning ability.


  • Factory-assembled and complete with decals applied and R/C system installed.
  • Loaded with two powerful 550-class water-cooled motors. Includes stainless steel ball bearings and gear reduction unit for super efficient speed generation.
  • Equipped with water-cooled twin-drive amp, servo and independent radio box for receiver. Rudder rod is covered in waterproof boot and also contributes to constant control stability.
  • Two 7.2V batteries combine to generate 14.4V of high-voltage power.
  • The power of parallel 550-class water-cooled motors is further concentrated through a gear reduction unit to deliver potent driving thrust.
  • Equipped with special twin-drive amp to handle the 14.4V of power. Water-cooled for stable power supply at high levels.
  • Readyset does not include 7.2V batteries or charger so you can choose your own.
  • Power train equipped with stainless ball bearings for rust resistance and durability.
  • Kyosho's unique inboard/outdrive unit makes stable high-speed turning possible.
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel screws used throughout. Promises high durability.

< Readyset Contents >

  • Fully assembled hull complete with coloring.
  • KT-3HS 2-channel, 1-servo, 1-amp pre-installed R/C system
  • Two water-cooled 550-class pre-installed motors.
  • Fitted with KA-6 14.4V twin drive speed control amp.
  • Styrene boat stand

< Required for operation >

  • Two 7.2V – 2200-3900mAh Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery packs
  • Battery charger
  • AA-size alkaline batteries X 8 for transmitter
Technical Data
2,600g (approx.)
Water-cooled 550-class motor X 2
Speed controller
KA-6 14.4V water-cooled twin drive amp

□Last updated:21 Apr 2007