MAD FORCE readyset

with Double-Shock Parts

No.31225S   Readyset

□Available : 31 Jan 2007

※Picture shows double-shock specifications. This product includes parts required for double-shock specifications.

Double-shocks for twice the rough-road mayhem!
Rigid suspension + 4WD + 3-speed A/T combine in a Readyset for spectacular truck performance!

Powerful drive train featuring a 3-speed automatic transmission and fulltime 4WD powers massive 160mm tires. Built tough for heavy duty action, the rigid axle of the suspension keeps the claws of this beast firmly on the ground. Now it includes parts to convert to double shock specifications so you can keep better control of the wheels, even when the suspension bottoms out. Of course single shock specifications can still be used to provide lighter, more agile control. With the powerful GX21 engine and robust chassis, this machine can take just about anything that gets dished out. All of this comes in a fully assembled Readyset package so simply add fuel and batteries to unleash the beast.

Includes set of parts for double-shock specification. Two large capacity oil shocks fitted on each wheel realize spectacular off-road running.


Combines power with agility for wheelie stunts! Includes wheelie bar and roll bar as standard. Start your wheelie run without the fear of smashing your truck!


Includes all the parts needed for double-shock specifications.

  • Includes a set of parts that enables two large capacity oil shocks to be fitted to each wheel.
  • Fully-assembled chassis only needs fuel and batteries for the action to start.
  • 3-speed automatic transmission included as standard to maximize the engine’s power band.
  • Front and rear bevel geared differentials and one-way center unit produce the benefits of fulltime 4WD.
  • Shaft and chain 4WD mechanics produce supple and sure-footed traction.
  • Ladder frame sandwiches the under plate in the side frames in an ultra-strong structure.
  • Pistol grip transmitter provides fingertip control of the machine’s power. Linkages are all pre-set for fast and ready action.
  • Strengthened casings on the front and rear rigid axles provide effective traction.
  • Pre-cut and pre-painted body is complete with decals applied.
  • Strengthened steel bevel gears used in the rear differential.
  • Total of 21 ball bearings used throughout the high-efficiency drive train for full bearing specifications.
  • Radio box effectively protects electronics from dust and dirt.
  • Unidirectional pneumatic rubber tires with inner foam supports.
  • Rigid axles on front and rear fearlessly take on any off-road challenge. Powerful 4WD drive train produces off-road running performance like you’ve never seen before.
  • Equipped with tuned muffler that extracts the most from the high-power GX21 engine.
  • Features recoil starter, so just pull on the cord and the engine roars to life.

※Picture shows single shock specifications.

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  • Fully assembled chassis with linkages pre-installed
  • Pre-cut and pre-painted body with decals applied
  • Pistol grip transmitter (PERFEX KT-3 installed)
  • Double-shock parts set
  • Fuel pump
  • Plug heater
  • NOTE) Fuel, AA-size batteries x 12, D-size batteries x 2 for plug heater are sold separately.
Chassis Technical Data
Ground Clearance
Tread (F/R)
Φ 160 x 110mm
Gear Ratio
4,100g (approx.)
GX21 with Recoil Starter

□Last updated:21 Dec 2006