1/50 Fully assembled tabletop IRC CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY

Hydraulic Excavator


No.66002A/B/C   Readyset

□Available : 30 Oct 2009

Multi-functional operation, just like the real machine.
Fully pre-assembled excavator moves with infrared control.

This hydraulic excavator has been recreated down to the finest details with the cooperation of Komatsu. Not only does it take the form of the original machine, it also produces the same functionality with multi-directional movement, boom raising or lowering, as well as arm and bucket control. The body of the excavator also pivots around. Control is managed on 3 infrared channels: A, B and C, with a special transmitter so up to three models can be operated at the same time. With the complex functionality and scale form, its easy to become absorbed in the operation of your own model construction site. As this advanced model is fully pre-assembled, simply set the batteries and get to work. This excavator also comes expertly pre-painted with a display model finish making it an ideal addition to any model collection. Whether for display or as a fully functional working model, the Kyosho construction machinery series provides a deep appreciation of the fascinating world of scale models.

Special 6-channel transmitter



  • Infrared control system (IRC) utilizes a 6-channel transmitter with 4 control sticks to control each moving part, just like the real machine.
  • 6-channel multi-function control uses: two channels for free left - right movement, one channel for raising and lowering the boom, one channel for raising and lowering the arm, one channel for tilting the bucket and one channel for swiveling the excavator body.
  • Fully factory assembled. Just add batteries for operation.
  • 1/50 size is convenient for display. Features a highly detailed finish despite its small size.
  • 3 infrared channels (A, B, C) enable three machines to be controlled and operated at the same time.
  • Designed in full cooperation with Komatsu, allowing details down to the worker figure's uniform to be recreated.
  • Expertly finished with realistic color scheme.
  • Caterpillar tracks produced in high-strength resin POM (Polyoxymethylene) material.

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  • Fully pre-assembled and pre-painted excavator
  • 6-channel transmitter

< Required for operation >

  • 1 x Alkaline 006P (9V) battery for transmitter
  • 4 x AAA alkaline batteries for model
Technical Data
400g (approx.)

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