1/10 PureTen GP 4WD FAZER


No.31382   Readyset

□Available : 28 Sep 2006

■What is the FAZER series?■
Simply the ideal beginner GP touring car machine! FAZER performance lets you relive GT racing.

GP touring cars provide the real taste of motor racing excitement and the FAZER brings this intensity within easy reach. KYOSHO’s design expertise for 1/10 GP World Championship winning machines has been fully applied in the creation of an entry-level GP touring car. Easy control and setting characteristics have been combined with the speed and performance to start your racing career. As this machine is focused on driving performance, the advanced shaft-driven 4WD chassis is fully pre-assembled and comes packaged as a Readyset. Just add fuel and batteries and take your place on the starting grid. The FAZER is made to KYOSHO’s highest quality standard and achieves the optimal balance between user-friendliness and performance. Now is the time to experience the thrill of GP touring car racing.

Oil shocks fitted onto each arm of the double-wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension. Demonstrates excellent road holding and high-speed stability.


Sealed radio box hatch can be attached or removed with one screw. Maintenance-friendly design provides effective protection for receiver and battery.


Design secrets of the 1/10 GP Touring Car World Champion used to produce this low center of gravity chassis. Sophisticated high-quality design is also easy to drive.

Low height heat sink head contributes to the low center of gravity design of the pre-mounted GZ-15 engine with special muffler. Fitted with recoil starter for quick and easy starting.


Optimal length of brake rod removes need for tricky linkage adjustments. 2-speed transmission is available as an option for the center gear.


Revolutionary 3D upper plate produces high rigidity in the wide upper chassis section. Advanced in design and high in quality.

Lightweight urethane bumper is included as a standard feature and provides effective absorption for unexpected contact and hits. Backs up aggressive driving when you're on the charge!


Equipped with front 40° and rear 30° high-grip rubber tires. Pre-glued onto wheels and ready to deliver excellent grip and balance for easy driving.


Aluminum engine plate provides high heat dissipation for the newly developed hybrid resin bathtub chassis that is rigid, strong and lightweight.

  • Factory-assembled Readyset package only needs batteries and fuel to roar to life.
  • Shaft-drive 4WD chassis produces easy control response ideal for beginner racers.
  • Slide carburetor delivers sharp acceleration.
  • Newly developed diecast muffler generates powerful but gentle output.
  • A total of 18 bearings used through the high-efficiency drive train for full-bearing specifications.
  • Installed with R/C system with digital servos for sure control response.
  • Rigid axle with two-bevel diff gear on rear results in the mild control characteristics.
  • 75cc fuel tank with choke button gets fuel flowing with one-touch.

< Readyset Contents >

  • Pre-assembled chassis
  • Completed pre-painted body
  • Mounted GZ-15 engine with recoil starter
  • Special manifold and muffler
  • PERFEX KT-3HS R/C system installed
  • Fuel Bottle
  • Plug Heater
  • Cross Wrench
  • Note) AA-size batteries x 12 for R/C system, D-size batteries x 2 for plug heater and fuel are sold separately.
Chassis Technical Data
Ground Clearance
Tread (F/R)
1,775g (approx.)
GZ-15 with recoil starter

□Last updated:02 Sep 2006