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The high performance racing yacht.

Based on ‘America's Cup’ class racing yachts, the Seawind looks just as good as it sails. Manufactured from hardened ABS and aluminium, with tear-resistant main and jib sails, the Seawind builds easily into a little work of art. The one-piece ABS hull is designed for minimum drag and optimum water penetration. With a model as big as this, transportation could have been a problem, however, Kyosho have designed the Seawind so that the mast, rudder, keel and keel weight can all be easily removed for travelling. The keel weight itself is covered by a rubber boot for improved appearance and increased safety to water life. A boat stand is supplied with the kit so that the Seawind can be displayed when not in use as well as offering a stable support during building or when at the boating lake.



  • Features finished one-piece ABS hull so the yacht is easy to complete.
  • High-strength mast and boom are extruded from hardened aluminum.
  • Main and jib sails are made from cut and sewn spin cloth.
  • The keel has an ideal aspect ratio that reduces water resistance and heeling tendency, even in strong winds.
  • The main mast extends through the deck to the ballast, making the yacht structure more solid. The keel can also be detached.
  • High-quality yacht fittings adorn the SEAWIND, making it great for indoor display also.
  • Dual-pull rudder and sail trimming guarantees reliable steering for responsive turning during racing.

< Required for operation (Not included) >

  • Radio control set: 2 channel with 1 standard servo and (optional) sail servo for improved control
Technical Data
3,000g (approx.)
Sail Area

□Last updated:10 Aug 2006