Mini Inferno ST


No.30122TF   Readyset

□Available : 15 Dec 2005

*Photograph shows Tiger Flare (prototype).

The World Championship winning Inferno's DNA runs thick in this half-eight stadium truck!

The impressive performance of the half-eight series is extended to stadium truck racing with the addition of long suspension arms and trucking tires in the form of the "Mini-Inferno ST" to deliver a truck racing experience no like no other. The amazing power of the 1/8 World Championship machine is condensed into half its size (1/16). Tough enough to take on any terrain from dry riverbeds to open fields, the new design compact 4-bevel closed-case differential gears can handle the loads from the big tires. Also, just add different viscosity diff grease (sold separately) to make subtle adjustments to diff tension and running characteristics. Only the half-eight can deliver the optimal combination of light-hearted enjoyment with serious racing performance. Experience it now for yourself !

Long span suspension arms produce extended suspension stroke so you can get off the beaten path whenever you like.


Equipped with closed-case differential that includes 4 high-strength bevel gears to handle the heavy loads of the big tires. Add diff grease (sold separately) for a variety of settings and driving characteristics.


Equipped with Special Oil Shock for long span sus arm, and big tyres.


Large diameter rubber tires with fitted inner sponges on special wheels deliver awesome rough road performance.


  • The essence of the powerful 1/8 Inferno MP777 has been condensed into this 1/16 size chassis and modified for optimum stadium truck performance.
  • Just load the batteries into this ReadySet and you can hit the dirt fast.
  • Six AA-sized Nickel Metal Hydride batteries on the chassis produce long run times of more than 30 minutes.
  • High rigidity shock stays and oil shocks provide excellent damping effect and are standard equipment.
  • Equipped with slipper gear to protect drive system from shocks.
  • Ultra efficient drive train is fitted with a total of 20 ball bearings
  • throughout with two ball bearings on each wheel.
  • 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension boasts deep stroke suspension.
  • Features multi-point setting and parts for adjustment. <Spring tension, chassis height, front caster and rear toe-in can be adjusted with parts included in kit>
  • Features internal speed control amp with brake and reverse function.
  • Up to 12 cars can be run in the same race! Take your mates on in big tire stadium truck racing action!
  • Wide range of optional parts is available so your machine can evolve with your skill for even more fun and performance.
  • * CAUTION: Do not run your R/C car in a prohibited or dangerous area.

< ReadySet Contents >

  • Factory-assembled chassis with installed R/C Unit
  • Painted body complete with markings.
  • KT-3 wheel-type transmitter
  • Two different front hubs for choice of settings.
  • Three varieties of rear lower suspension holders for different toe-angle settings.
  • * AA-size X 8 alkaline batteries for transmitter, AAA-size Ni-MH batteries are sold separately.
Chassis Technical Data
80mm(Not including body mounts)
Ground Clearance
Tread (F/R)
Φ 74 x 36mm
Gear Ratio
930g (approx.)

□Last updated:30 Nov 1999