No.31284   Kit

□Available : 22 Jun 2005

Two consecutive World Championship victories! Proven to be the world’s best again!

Regarded as the Formula 1 of the R/C racing world, the Kyosho EVOLVA successfully defended its 1/8 GP Racing Car World Championship title won in 2003 with an emphatic victory in 2005. An amazing achievement by an amazing machine! Add victory at another major event, the 2005 Pre-World’s, and the EVOLVA’s dominance on the racetrack is undisputed. As it’s name suggests, this pure racing machine is continually evolving with the latest racing technology to maintain its winning edge. With the lower center of gravity and mass concentration, the wide scope for setting adjustment lets you tune this machine for its race-winning advantage. The latest components make setting and adjustment even faster and easier. With a winning design that has not compromised on anything, it not only realizes outstanding speed and control, but also high durability and easy parts replacement. Test-drive the EVOLVA 2005 to experience for yourself what its like to drive the best R/C car in the world.

Re-engineered suspension arm mounting structure allows wheelbase to be adjusted up to 3mm. Increases adaptability to courses suited to longer wheelbase.


Change to front upper arm mounting position (upper suspension bracket shape) optimizes geometry. Maintains full scope for setting adjustment.


Includes gears optimized to latest high-power engines. Gear ratio and transposition have been revised to produce higher durability and efficiency through all gears.

Improved lever ratio from the new brake lever produces effective stopping power. This provides reliable braking at critical points to allow you brake in front of your competitors.


Fuel tank cap features internal airflow compartment creating stable pressure from the muffler. This also reduces fuel consumption right after the start and maintains optimum flow at all times.


Front and rear bulkheads feature leaning cams so ball bearings can be installed. Belt tension can be easily adjusted to eight different levels.

Concentration of mass and a lower center of gravity are further developed. The narrow design and rounded-edge chassis plate are indicative of the refined changes to each part to produce the best 1/8 racing machine in the world today.



  • Two-time consecutive World Championship winning belt driven 4WD racing machine.
  • Improved durability from optimized front : rear drive ratio and resin pulley produces awesome racing power.
  • Belt tension adjustment on the center has been added to front and rear and produces big increases in efficiency and durability.
  • Wheelbase can be adjusted simply adding or removing spacers.
  • Latest fuel tank contributes to a lower center of gravity by allowing battery to be mounted underneath.
  • Oil shocks fit 13mm springs and allow wide range of shock settings.
  • Long front suspension arms maintain optimal geometry under various conditions.
  • High rigidity of chassis design realizes full effect and performance from suspension system.

< Required for Operation >

  • 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system for cars
  • 21-class racing engine
  • Manifold, Tuned Muffler
  • Body Set
  • Plug
  • Engine Starting Tools
  • Fuel
  • Batteries for R/C system (No.71212)
Chassis Technical Data
Ground Clearance
Tread (F/R)
217 / 203mm
69 x 36mm / 76 x 60mm
Gear Ratio
7.81 / 5.74 : 1
2,500g (approx.)
21-class (sold separately)

□Last updated:10 Aug 2006