1/10 PureTen GP 4WD V-ONE SIII


Kit with Touch Starter

No.31336T   Kit

□Available : 2 Mar 2006

The revolutionary design of the V-ONE S class undergoes its third evolution.
Beginners through to expert drivers will be captivated.

For your next challenge at the KYOSHO CUP or other rubber-tire spec races, the V-ONE SIII gives your driving skill an added boost. The easy to manage design and forgiving control characteristics of the V-ONE SIII provide the perfect support for first-time R/C car racers. And with the wide scope for setting adjustment, the urge to fine tune your machine will be unstoppable. Expert drivers will also be pleased with the same suspension unit transplanted from the world championship winning V-ONE RRR. With the low center of gravity, the unique design produces extraordinary performance, and this next evolution takes it to the next level. Each part is optimized to produce ideal drivability and extract the best from rubber tire specifications. Find out for yourself what V-ONE S racing performance is all about!

Main chassis plate is more than double the width of previous versions to realize improved mass distribution and a lower center of gravity.


Front and rear bulkheads, suspension and hubs have been adopted from the World Championship winning V-ONE RRR.


All aspects of the design focus on a lower center of gravity, including the radio plate. The result is excellent driving agility.

  • Only the V-ONE S series produces both top-class speeds with such ease of control.
  • Includes 2-speed A/T unit as a standard feature.
  • Shares important features with RRR such as front and rear bulkheads, suspension and hubs.
  • Main chassis plate achieves an even lower center of gravity by more than doubling the width of mass distribution from the previous model.
  • Spool diff adopted on the front end. Produces optimal traction for rubber tire specifications.
  • Equipped with specially designed radio plate that contributes to the lower center of gravity.
  • Chassis roll center is raised with the adjustable plate. Produces ideal control characteristics for rubber tire specs.
  • Completely overhauled design of the belt-driven rubber tire spec 4WD machine will more than satisfy beginners to expert level drivers.
  • Includes GXR Engine fitted with compact recoil starter with patented one-way clutchless design that removes any resistance at high-rotation.
  • Equipped with steel slide carburettor as standard feature.
  • Removable front upper deck delivers an excellent maintenance-friendly design.
  • Features separate compartments for battery and receiver to avoid any wiring troubles.
  • Side-mounted steering servo removes twisting of the chassis plate during steering control input.
  • Servo saver realizes optimal Ackermann ratio for rubber tire specifications. Can also be adjusted.
  • New dirt-resistant air cleaner lengthens the maintenance cycle.
  • Newly developed muffler extracts the best from the GXR15 engine.
< Built-in cell motor for fast ignition! Touch Starter brings electronic ignition to your model. >
Simply make contact with the Touch Starter Unit onboard the chassis to turn the crank with built-in cell motor on the GXR15 engine. Automatically completes the circuit to the glow plug for the fastest, simplest engine starting imaginable.
<Required for operation>
●R/C System / 2-ch, 2-servo radio for car
●Batteries for radio
<Items included with Touch Starter specifications>
●Touch Starter Unit with combined plug heater
●7.2V Ni-Cd battery for Touch Starter
●AC Battery Charger for Touch Starter battery

Chassis Technical Data
Ground Clearance
Tread (F/R)
Φ 64×24mm
Gear Ratio
1,850g (approx.) (with Recoil Starter) 1,925g (approx.) (with Touch Starter)

□Last updated:10 Aug 2006