Kyosho 2.4GHz Transmitter

Syncro KT-200 Transmitter

Excellent control and user-friendly 2.4GHz!
Features a failsafe function for safety performance!

Kyosho combines its functional design expertise with the user-friendliness of 2.4GHz technology to deliver the new Syncro KT-200 R/C system that allows you to start running your model as soon as you switch the power on. With its built-in antenna, the stylish form provides excellent visibility with the slanted top panel housing the switches, dials and LED indicators. The advanced ergonomic design is lightweight and delivers superior control characteristics, while the transmitter is powered by just four AA-size alkaline batteries. The lightweight balance of the design also helps you maintain concentration in endurance racing without becoming fatigued. From fun-running to the intensity of serious racing and from cars to other models, the new generation Syncro KT-200 will deliver a greater appreciation of your R/C model’s performance.

Signal strength and power LED indicators as well as the dual rate dial are positioned on a slanted top panel for easy access and optimal visibility.


Receiver is 4-channel, allowing scope for future development. Compact design presents no space constraint problems. In the unlikely event of radio interference, the failsafe function can be locked in an optional operating position.


  • The energy efficient design can operate at a sufficient range with just four AA-size alkaline batteries. It also reduces cost and provides a weight advantage for endurance races.
  • LED indicators show radio wave signal strength. LED flashes when the battery is run down as a safety feature.

□Last updated:18 Feb 2011