1:43scale slot car has been considered as a toy product until now but this
Dslot43 could take you a new area where you could experience something
more than just "toy" slot car. Kyosho has been a leading position at the
RC car racing, and all the experience and technology will come into this small
slot car, and turn to Slot Racing in 1:43scale, Dslot43. Run with your own
customize with various range of optional parts, and enjoy at your own home circuit!
  • "1:43scale" is famous for its collectible scale all over the world, so not only racing but also it is valuable as a collectible slotcar
  • Dslot43 is in 1:43scale but equipped with a bigger size and movable guide.
  • 050 motor is actually bigger size of motor for 1:43scale, which performs a high speed driving. In addition, Also. optional high speed motor is also available
  • The magnet on the back of the chassis give a of its rear tires. You can tighten up or loosen the screws and adjust the distance between the rail and magnet to control the magnetic power, the “traction”, so you can easily tune-up your machine depending on your racing skill or desired drive feeling. For the beginner, you can avoid crashing out of the track with stronger traction. If you are the advanced racer, try to lower the traction and you can enjoy the smooth driving.
  • Smooth driving with a spring as suspension. The power unit with combined a motor and gears is separated from the chassis and its floating structure makes the smooth running possible.
  • "Inch size" of Shaft standard equipped for better power [2.38mm thickness]
Chassis of Dslot43 consists of different 4 types of chassis, SS, S, M and L.
The customer can change the bodies to meet each chassis style.Chassis size is seen at the back of chassis. A variety of body and wheel sets are available as the optional parts!