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KSD-01 WIRELESS controller
Driver's can experience untethered freedom with this wireless controller. Precision control response produces a sharp driving style unhindered by cables that translates directly into faster times. In addition to its wireless control the KSD-01 incorporates other advanced throttle and brake functions to realize a level of slot car control superior to anything that has come before. For example, when you go trigger-free with the magnet downforce setting unchanged, sudden and unexpected braking occurs. If an automatic partial throttle is applied during idle, a more rhythmical driving style can be achieved. Racing functions based on practical ideas such as this are realised through the digital setting limits that are features of the KSD-01. The depth and variety of settings in this digital evolution puts more control in your hands than ever before so you can deliver the full potential of your machine!
A new generation of slot car controller has arrived.
2.4 GHz wireless & digital setting function!

*2.4GHz system operates safely in the concentrated radio wave environment of an RC car race.
*Wireless control allows you to stand in the best position with the best posture, no matter which lane you are in.
*Volume and quantity parameters of various functions can be set.
*'Accel' function allows motor output characteristics to be changed in response to trigger control.
*'Brake' function allows the amount of brake applied when free-wheeling to be changed.
*'Punch' function allows the amount of acceleration from a standing start to be adjusted.
*Car or course pre-set data can be instantly retrieved.
*50 bank memory allows a wide variety of setting combinations to be stored.
*'System' function allows setting of beep tones, timer and track polarity reversal.
*'Power Supply Battery Box' included keeps the car at the ready on courses where power is not switched on until the start.
*Simple binding (pairing) process makes it easy to set up receiver-controller combinations.
*Features one-piece narrow grip design battery box.
*Bright LCD provides high visibility.
*Optional parts enable compatibility with courses for Dslot43.
*Optional 3-pole independent banana plug unit allows connection to a wide range of courses.
*Equipped with reverse current protection circuitry.
*Power switch is located on the bottom of the grip to avoid accidental operation.
*Energy saving design uses 4 x AAA size alkaline batteries.
*Precision design with optimized weight and center of gravity makes it ideal for endurance racing.

<Standard Set Contents>
*KSD-01 Controller
*Receiver Unit
*Power supply battery box

<Technical Data>
*Controller /128(W) x 165(H) x 38.5(D)mm 170g approx.
*Receiver / 90(W) x 26(H) x 39(D) (including terminal) 46g approx.
*Receiver Plug Pitch / 15mm (3-pole)
*Controller Power / 4 x AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately)
*Data Display / 13 x 29mm high luminance LCD display

'PUNCH' sets the degree to which the initial range is skipped when the throttle trigger is pulled. This delivers sharper acceleration response. Setting Range : 0 ~ 80% (default setting is 0)
'ACCEL' is used to adjust and set the maximum speed and also the high point of the throttle trigger range. Max Speed Setting Range : 20 ~ 100% (default setting is 100) High Point Setting Range : 100 ~ 500%
'BRAKE' adjusts and sets the braking strength when the accelerator is not being applied.
Setting Range : 0 ~ 100% (default setting is 50)
 BANPRO Masayuki Banno comments

This 2.4GHz Wireless Controller named KSD-01 is an extremely innovative product for the Slot car scene.
You have the freedom of choice from where you control your car, and it brings you a fresh experience, even if it is your local circuit, it will be a totally different angle and will look like a new circuit.
You will find many things to improve your driving technique that you would not catch from the normal view in front of the control terminal, you may change your driving style, braking point and Settings through KSD-01.
The fact that every person has equal conditions. Even experts can learn something new from using the KSD-01. It will be very interesting to see the KSD-01 being put to use on the circuit.
Every Slot car user has cars in which they have put all their effort into, and with KSD -01, they might find more tuning capabilities.
Regards to the Controller quality, it might be one obstacle to adapt to it, as current slot car users have never used a 2.4GHz wireless controller. But after test running, I believe there is no problem about response or time lag.
In fact, it can save 50 model settings, which is amazing.
Users can try many settings between Machine and circuit.
Usually people only use 6-7 settings, but this unit allows 50 model memory just by pressing a few buttons.
It is also more convenient as a digital setting, since it shows numbers and is easy to replicate.
After stating the above facts, this KSD-01 wireless controller has the possibility to bring a lot of new innovative capabilities to the current slot car scene.


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Dslot43 tools & tool box by "KTC"
"KTC" is well-known Tools & Tool Box Company in Japan, as a hand tool manufacturer representing Japan, KTC with its high-quality performance and unique technology leads the market under the concept of manufacturing light, durable, and comfortable products.
KYOSHO and KTC collaborate over this special tool box and tools. Not only box but also some tools are packed together such as screw drivers + & -, Needle nose pliers, Nipper and Sponge mat with Dslot43 logo.